What is Triphala

Published: 02nd August 2007
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Triphala is a blend of the dried fruits of Haritaki, Bhibitaki and Amalaki in equal proportions. These are widely known in Indian sub continent as harad, behada and amla. Harada and behada have an ushna or hot energy, while amla is sheet or cooling. Triphala, being a blend of all 3, is therefore balanced, making it helpful as an internal cleansing, detoxifying recipe for everyone including more susceptible type individuals and vegetarians.
This formula and its entity ingredients are highly valued in traditional medicinal system Ayurveda, being compared to a "good manager of the house," assisting digestion, nutrient absorption and body's metabolism.
As per Ayurvedic doctors, daily use of triphala endorses normal appetite, good digestion, enhances RBC production and hemoglobin levels, and removal of unwanted fat. Triphala is highly beneficial for making a favorable chemical environment for the propagation of beneficial intestinal bacteria and an adverse environment for non-beneficial intestinal bacteria. Of chief importance is the use of triphala as a bowel manager. It is measured as safe as food and is non addictive, even when taken on a daily. Since triphala is a tonic, cleanser and blood purifier, there is still one other significant use for it and that is as a strengthener of the eyes, useful for timir or cataracts, conjunctivitis and glaucoma. Triphala can be used as daily eyewash to reinforce vision, counteract many eye defects and get rid of redness and soreness.
Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine maintain that Triphala will also get rid of what is called scarce heat in Chinese system of medicine. This is a sensation of heat and burning on the chest, legs, palms and soles, all depicting a vitamin B insufficiency in Western medicinal science. Triphala if taken frequently will endorse absorption and operation of the vitamin B and will totally relieve the symptoms of poor heat.
As per Dr Dharmananda, Director, Institute for TM, Portland, most of the "rasayana" (rejuvenation and longevity tonics) of Ayurveda are made with Amalaki as an component, and often with Triphala as a base to which many other herbs are added. Amalaki is the main ingredient of Chyawanprash, one of the important rasayana and the principal Ayurvedic remedy currently shaped in India.

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